Dr. Julia Torrie Received the University Scholarship Award at Spring Convocation of St. Thomas University

may 22 2015 03History professor Dr. Julia Torrie was honoured for her excellence in teaching and research by St. Thomas University at Spring Convocation on May 12, 2015.  She received the University Scholarship Award.

Julia has established a reputation as an important scholar in modern European history.  Her research focuses on the transnational social and cultural history of Germany and France during World War II, particularly as it relates to war and occupation. Her study “For Their Own Good”: Civilian Evacuations in Germany and France, 1939-1945" is the first comparative study of civilian evacuations in the two countries during World War II and demonstrates the complexities of an assumed all-powerful Nazi state by showing that citizen objections to evacuations forced changes in policy. The book was recently re-issued in paperback and a French-language adaptation of key parts of the book will be published soon.

Julia has delivered many conference presentations and invited talks in Canada, the United States and Europe, and currently has book chapters that explore German documentary photography and protest in Hitler’s national community accepted for publication.  She is working on a research project that uses diaries, letters and photographs alongside official sources to explore German occupiers’ experiences in France.

Julia was a former member of the Selection Committee of the O’Brien Foundation.  She was so helpful in the design of the Evaluation Criteria that is currently being used and in the modification of the Application Form, more specifically in the articulation of Article No. 5 that addresses New Brunswick eligibility.