Conditions of Award

Field of Research


The award of the Fellowship may be used for post-graduate studies or research in any sphere of study at any recognized university or research establishment in the world. Awards may also be used for advanced training in the fine arts, music or performance.

Number of Awards


The Committee reserves the right to make no awards in any given year but, depending on the applications, may award as many as ten Fellowships.

Value and Tenure of Awards


Each successful candidate may receive such sum in the discretion of the Committee up to $15,000.00 per annum. Awards granted during the last five years have ranged up to $10,000.00.



The award is not dependent upon age and will be made to residents of the Province of New Brunswick who have graduated from a University.

The awards shall be based on scholastic and/or existing professional standing and character and integrity and the Committee will give preference to those students who intend to return to and remain in the Province of New Brunswick upon completion of their project.

An applicant must have received a degree or training equivalent to a degree before making an application.

of Winners


Applicants may be requested to attend an interview before the Committee and, if successful, on the completion of each year of study or research the Fellow will be required to submit a copy of his/her report of such study or research to the Committee.