Eligibility and Conditions

Field of Research


Awards are for graduate studies in any discipline at any recognized (accredited, degree-granting) university or institution in Canada or abroad. 

Number of Awards


The Committee reserves the right to make no awards in any given year but, depending on the applications, may award as many as ten Fellowships. 

Note: Applicants who were unsuccessful in any previous year may reapply in subsequent years without penalty: each new application is considered on its own merits.

Value and Tenure of Awards


Value of award is unspecified ("Successful candidates may receive a sum at the discretion of the Committee of up to $15,000.") Awards granted in the past 5 years have ranged from $3000 to $12,000. This is a one-time, non-renewable award, tenable for a 12-month period.



To be eligible, applicants must be current or former residents of the Province of New Brunswick who have graduated from a University. 

Specifically, this means that when you submit your application for an O'Brien Fellowship, you

  • Must be registered in an accredited graduate (master’s or doctoral-level) degree program, as shown on an official transcript. Applicants who are currently in a Master’s program should also provide an official transcript of their undergraduate studies

  • Must have resided in the province of New Brunswick for 5 years or more, now or in the past (at the time of application) 

  • Must be able to demonstrate that a major focus of your degree involves research, creative, or professional training that leads to the credential you are seeking.
  • Must include evidence of substantial scholarly or creative achievement or proposed work beyond coursework such as: theses/dissertations, reports, or capstone projects, conference presentations, publications, public performances, gallery shows, film festival participation, etc. 

The award of a Fellowship is not based on financial need and is not restricted by age. Awards are made based on academic achievement and/or existing professional standing and character and integrity. The Committee may also give preference to students who intend to return to and remain in the Province of New Brunswick upon completion of their studies.

of Winners


Applicants may be asked to attend an interview before the Committee. If successful, upon completing the year of study or research for which the award was made, the Fellow will be required to submit a report of his/her study or research to the Committee.