How to Apply

Application Deadline: November 1st of each year

Apply Online

The completed application form, three letters of support and official transcripts must reach the O'Brien Foundation no later than the first of November. To complete the application process, follow the steps as outlined below. Only complete applications will be considered.

You must apply directly through the online application form. To avoid server time-outs, it is strongly suggested that you complete long answers off-line and then copy-and-paste the text into the online form. Once you've filled out all fields and pressed "Submit application," you will receive a copy of your submission at the email address you provided. This confirms that your application has been received by the O'Brien Foundation. Download the Letter of Support file, follow instructions on the document, and forward a copy to each of your referees. Referees should send their Letter of Support directly to The Executive Director of the O'Brien Foundation, using the email link provided below. (This is the electronic link referred to in No. 9. on the application form.)  You are also responsible for ensuring that official copies of all post-secondary transcripts are sent directly by the college/university to the O'Brien Foundation.

Letter of Support (DOCX)

Letter of Support (PDF)

Viewing pdf files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this program installed on your computer, download it here.

Applications are accepted for work at the Masters Degree and Doctoral Degree levels. However, an applicant will be eligible only if he/she can demonstrate that a major focus of his/her degree involves research or creative activity.

Fine Arts candidates are invited to provide samples of creative work (e.g. recording, or portfolio) for review. (Materials submitted will not be returned.)

For items that cannot be submitted online (e.g. transcripts), please send to:

Executive Director
The O'Brien Foundation
215 Kings College Rd
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Telephone: (506) 472-4277  
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a one time, non-renewable award. The award is tenable for a 12 month period and will be paid in two installments contingent upon continued registration in the program.

Application Form

Answer the following questions.

1. Name
2. Address

For correspondence about this application

3. Course of study and degree sought

4. State name of University or Institution

Please include the name of the person under whose direction you propose to carry out the research or creative activity.

5. Start date of your graduate course of study

6. Provide a detailed description of your research or creative activity

In no more than 1 ½ pages (5500 characters) describe, for a multidisciplinary committee, your proposed plan of research or creative activity.

7. List academic distinctions or awards, including grants, fellowships, and assistantships

8. List your scholarly publications and presentations

9. Provide the names and e-mail addresses of three persons who you have asked to supply supporting letters

Upon submitting this application form you will be provided with an e-mail link to send these persons inviting them to submit letters of support electronically. Two letters of support should normally be from persons under whom you have studied; the third may be from any other person.

10. O’Brien Foundation Fellowships are made primarily to residents of New Brunswick

Amongst the following options, please check the one(s) that applies to you:

11. List in chronological order your educational record beginning with undergraduate years

Include up to a maximum of five.

12. Give present occupation and relevant employment history

Please include dates

13. Outline briefly your plans for future career or profession

14. In no more than 150 words, please state the relevance of your research to New Brunswick, if any

15. Feel free to provide any other information concerning academic or personal circumstances that would allow the Committee to evaluate your application

You may choose to provide here any information about academic performance or career interruptions to help the committee assess your application.

Date of submission

Please take a moment to review your answers, and to make any appropriate changes.

By submitting this form, I confirm the information provided is accurate and complete.

(Please be patient; submit the form only once)