Beverley G. Smith (1992)

Beverley-GA native of New Brunswick, Professor Smith received his legal education at the Faculty of Law, University of New Brunswick, when that faculty was located in Saint John, New Brunswick.
Following graduation he practiced private and corporate law in the Provinces of New Brunswick, Alberta and Ontario.  Returning to New Brunswick, Professor Smith joined the Provincial Department of Justice and also lectured in various fields of law in the Faculty from which he graduated.

In 1976 Bev became the Director of Law Reform for the New Brunswick Department of Justice, a position he held until 1980 when he joined the Faculty of Law in Fredericton to teach full time.

Included in his teaching fields was a course in professional conduct for lawyers, a topic in which he has had a strong interest.  The course is now mandatory for the graduates of the Law School.  He retired from the Faculty in 1996 and was made Professor Emeritus in the year 2000.

Professor Smith is the author of legal texts including An Introduction to the Canadian Law of Trusts, and Professional Conduct for Lawyers and Judges, the latter now in its fourth edition.
He was the recipient of an O’Brien Foundation Fellowship, used in the preparation of the latter work.  He is the author and chief draftsperson of the Code of Professional Conduct prepared for the Law Society of New Brunswick.

Since retirement, Professor Smith has been active in volunteer projects in his home area of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.