Dr. Jillian Hudgins (2007)

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Dr. Jillian Hudgins

Dr. Jillian Hudgins received the O'Brien Fellowship in 2007 for her her work on the mineralogy, petrology and chronology of lunar granulitic breccias. She graduated with a PhD in geology in 2009 and published this work in Geochemica et Cosmochemica Acta, Meteoritics and Planetary Science, and American Mineralogist.
Life then led her to the Republic of Maldives, where she worked for 4 years on coral reef restoration and environmental education projects. She developed a country-wide citizen science-based Sea Turtle Photo-ID program and helped to organize the first ever Sea Turtle Photo-ID conference held in 2016. She also worked with the IUCN and Maldivian government to develop their sea turtle conservation plan and has co-authored a guidebook to the sea turtles of the Maldives.

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Dr Jillian Hudgins is currently the senior project scientist at the Olive Ridley Project, an UK-based environmental charity that she helped to co-found. The organization is focused on researching and preventing the interaction of discarded fishing gear with marine life in the Indian Ocean. She works with coastal fishing communities in developing countries around the Indian Ocean in order to improve their environmental education and empower them to develop recycling and reuse programs for their waste that could otherwise end up in the ocean. She also runs a citizen science program in the Maldives dedicated to rescuing and documenting entangled marine animals. She continues to publish scientific research associated with this work in journals such as the Marine Pollution Bulletin. Jillian lives in Fredericton.