Dr. Jennifer A. Wadsworth (1992)


Photograph (right) taken in 1992 shows how Jennifer spent her O’Brien Foundation Fellowship doing field work in the Spanish Pyrenees, with her faithful dog Gamma as her field asssitant.

Dr. Jennifer Wadsworth has been a geologist for over 25 years, with experience both in industry and academia. She currently works as a petroleum geologist for BP America, based in Houston. Prior to that, she worked at Woodside Energy, Baker Hughes, the University of Newcastle (in Australia), and at Imperial Oil (Calgary). She obtained her PhD (Liverpool), MSc (McMaster) and BSc (Western) in Geology, and also did a post-doc at the University of Western Ontario. Jennifer was born in Moncton, New Brunswick but grew up in Campbellton. Her first introduction to geology was a grade-three field trip to look at Devonian fish fossils at the world-famous Miguasha National Park in Gaspe; from that moment she was hooked and continues to search the world for geological marvels and puzzles. Her contributions include a number of published papers focused on proxy methods for understanding global sea level changes over geological time; she has also served as President of the WA Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia from 2010-2012. She is deeply grateful for her 1992 O’Brien Scholarship which provided critical funding for the final stages of her PhD fieldwork on sea level changes and their effects on Eocene deltas in the Spanish Pyrenees. Jennifer is married and has two sons.