Dr. Darryl Whetter (1999)


Dr. Darryl Whetter, BA, MA, PhD

Darryl is a writer, editor and a professor of English and creative writing.  In 2003, his first book of fiction was named to The Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Books of 2003.  That book, the story collection A Sharp Tooth in the Fur, received rave reviews from coast to coast.  His debut novel, a bicycle odyssey, rolled out in 2008.  Look for The Push & the Pull wherever fine books are sold.  On Earth Day 2012, he released Origins, a book of poems devoted to evolution, energy and extinction as they have been, can be and/or should be viewed at Joggins, Nova Scotia.  His new novel, Keeping Things Whole, is a tale of love, death and pot-smuggling.

He has published nearly 100 book reviews for papers such as The Toronto Star, The National Post, The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette and Detroit’s Metro Times.

Academically, He has published or presented papers on contemporary literature in France, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, India, Canada and the United States.

Here in Canada, he was the Green Party Candidate for the Nova Scotia riding of Halifax in the 2008 federal election.  He recently wrote the books column for THIS Magazine and was the Reviews Editor for the uber-cool Numéro Cinq.

Darryl has just been invited to direct the first MA programme in creative writing in Singapore.

“I remain grateful for the support you provided me during my UNB doctorate and admire the work you continue to do with other young researchers. Warm best,”

Dr. Darryl Whetter, BA, MA, PhD