David N. Rogers (1982)


David N. Rogers has both unique and unusual skills. His training in the practice of law includes a Master’s Ticket, LL.M in Admiralty and extensive Trial experience over a 30 year period.

David was educated in public schools in Saint John, New Brunswick and graduated from Saint John High School in 1975. Thereafter, he received training in the Aristotle/St. Thomas Aquinas School of Thought from the Jesuits at St. Mary's University graduating on the Dean's List in 1979. He then entered the University of New Brunswick Law School where he continued to enjoy academic success. David won the Harrison Shield in 1982 and graduated the same year. Fortunately, he received the O'Brien Foundation Fellowship, the MacKenzie King Travelling Scholarship and the Tulane Faculty of Law Entrance Scholarship. These Scholarships allowed him to attend Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana and earn an LLM in Admiralty, with distinction, in 1983.

After graduation, David travelled to Vancouver, the largest port in Canada, for training specifically in the field of Admiralty Law. He was admitted to the British Columbia Bar Society, now the Law Society of British Columbia, in 1984. Shortly after his return home to Saint John, David was admitted to the Bar in New Brunswick in 1985.

David Rogers is the only individual in New Brunswick who has a degree specifically in the field of Admiralty. In fact, we know of no other individual in Canada that has this specific degree. David has his Captains ticket and went through a re-certification in 2013.

David’s 30 year association with Gilbert McGloan Gillis commenced in 1981 under the tutelage of Thomas L. McGloan, Q. C., and Donald M. Gillis, Q. C. D. M. Gillis was one of the original members of the O’Brien Foundation Board. He has appeared at all levels of the provincial and federal system, including the Supreme Court of Canada, on numerous occasions.

In 2015 David went on a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. In 2016-2017, he is continuing his academic pursuits this time in the field of finance.