October 12 - November 3, 2017

The William Secord Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of the canine works of art from the estate of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kendrick.

The Kendrick name is legendary in purebred dog circles. William was showing and judging Bull Terriers even before he graduated from Princeton University in 1926. He bred and showed dogs under the Queensbury prefix which he inherited from his uncle, W. Freeland Kendrick, one-time mayor of Philadelphia.

Vernelle was herself a respected dog show judge. She started out in Poodles and in 1957 became an all-breed professional handler. During her judging career, she judged at some of America's most prestigious shows, including the Toy Group at the Westminster Kennel Club, and Best in Show at the Poodle Club of America.

Many of the paintings in the collection are related to William's breeding interests, with nineteenth century paintings of Manchester Terriers, Bull Terriers and Fox Terriers. When he married Vernelle Hartman in 1973, paintings of Poodles, Pekingese and Collies were added to their collection.

Taken in its entirety, the collection is a testament to one couple's love of

purebred dogs and their ongoing pursuit of the dog's history and its depiction in the visual arts.

Please contact us for more information or visit our website to view our entire inventory: http://dogpainting.com/search_results.cfm?ExhibDate=20171013

With best wishes,

William Secord & the Gallery staff