Dr. Louise Desjardins (1985)

Dr Louise DesjardinsExecutive Director| Directrice générale
Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC)| Conseil canadien de protection des animaux (CCPA)

Dr. Louise Desjardins was a Senior Policy Advisor for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) for over five years. She was also the Government of Canada’s team lead for key projects resulting in the Royal Assent of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Act and the creation of the organization. In her most recent role, Dr. Desjardins was an independent consultant offering a suite of strategic planning and technical writing services in the areas of health and life sciences.

Her other past roles include the inaugural Assistant Scientific Director for CIHR’s Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis, the Manager of Business Development for the Canadian Genetic Diseases Network, and the Program Manager for the Networks of Centres of Excellence. She has represented these organizations on over 25 national and international policy, planning and review committees.

Dr. Desjardins obtained her B.Sc. Honours from Dalhousie University, M.Sc. in nutritional sciences from the University of Guelph, and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario. She was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Ottawa and a Research Associate at the National Research Council of Canada. She is the recipient of numerous academic and professional awards including the Deputy Minister of Health Team Award of Excellence, the Medical Research Council President’s Team Award of Excellence, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council President’s Team Award of Excellence.

190 O’Connor Street, Suite 800|  Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2R3
Tel| Tél : 613-238-4031 ext. 224

Dr. Shawn McGuire (1996)

Dr Shawn McGuireAgricultural Officer (Seed Security), Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

2005 Wageningen University PhD, Technology and Agrarian Development; farmer participation in sorghum breeding and seed provision in Ethiopia.
1996 University of East Anglia MSc, Agriculture, Environment and Development; Distinction;
privatisation of UK breeding: institutional and genetic resource implications.
1993 University of Ottawa BSc (Hons.), Biology; Summa cum laude; dissertation on spatial dynamics of Nitrogen cycling in forest moss communities.

I research agrobiodiversity and seed systems in developing countries, and how seed systems – and crop breeding – can be reformed to benefit poor people in developing countries. My work on seed security, and seed systems analysis, is recognised as globally significant.  In particular, the Seed Systems Security Assessments I have helped design have shaped policy and practice in many countries, informing immediate emergency or development programming, and also guiding longer-term change to donor and country policies.  In 2016, I joined the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization to provide technical advice on seed security globally.

My background combines biological and social science, looking at applied agricultural research, and farmers’ responses to stress in poor countries. I focus on the interface between agricultural scientists and farmers, and on how genetic resources are managed via plant breeding and seed systems, both in the formal and farmer systems. Field experience includes Ethiopia, Kenya, and other chronically-stressed contexts such as Zimbabwe, Rwanda, DRC, Madagascar, Timor-Leste, Uganda, and Haiti.

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Catherine A. Walsh (1978)

Catherine A WalshCatherine Walsh teaches and writes principally in the areas of secured transactions and private international law. Formerly a professor in the Faculty of Law of the University of New Brunswick, her move to McGill in July 2001 reflects her strong interest in the comparative and international dimensions of these subjects.  She has a long standing commitment to law reform, and has been actively involved in a number of national and international reform initiatives, including participating as a member of the Canadian delegation in the development of a series of multilateral legal instruments in secured financing law adopted by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

She is the co-author, with Ronald Cuming (Saskatchewan) and Roderick Wood (Alberta), of Personal Property Security Law (Irwin Law, 1st ed. 2005, 2nd ed. 2012). She has been a contributing co-author from the outset of Private International Law in Common Law Canada: Cases, Text and Materials, the 4th edition of which was published by Emond-Montgomery in 2016.

Before commencing her law studies, Catherine Walsh worked as a CUSO volunteer in Ghana, an experience that contributed to her later interest in comparative law and law and development.

B.C.L. (Oxford) 1979; LL.B. (UNB) 1978; B.A. (Dalhousie) 1972

Full Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University, 2001- present
Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Law, McGill University, 2003-2005
Professor, Faculty of Law, University of New Brunswick 1994-2001
(Assoc. Prof 1986-1994; Assist. Prof. 1981-1986)
Counsel, Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales, 1999-2001
Associate Lawyer, McKelvey Macaulay Machum (now Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales), Saint John, 1980-1981
Law Clerk to the Chief Justice, New Brunswick Court of Appeal, 1979-1980

Areas of Interest
Secured Transactions Law, Private International Law, International Business Law

Marc Sabat (1987)


Marc Sabat

Canadian composer Marc Sabat (*1965) is based in Berlin since 1999. He makes pieces for concert and installation settings, drawing inspiration from investigations of the sounding and perception of Just Intonation and of various music traditions—folk, experimental and classical. He is a frequent collaborator, seeking fruitful interactions with other musicians and artists of visual and literary modes to find points of shared exploration and dialogue between various forms of experience.
Sabat studied composition, violin and mathematics at the University of Toronto, at the Juilliard School in New York, and at McGill University, as well as working privately with Malcolm Goldstein, James Tenney and Walter Zimmermann. Together with Wolfgang von Schweinitz he has developed the Extended Helmholtz-Ellis JIPitch Notation and is a pioneer of music written and performed in microtonal Just Intonation. He teaches composition and the theory and practice of intonation at the Ushare-alike non-commercial license through Plainsound Music Edition.niversität der Künste Berlin.
Scores and artist editions are available under a creative commons share-alike non-commercial license through Plainsound Music Edition.


Dr. Jillian Hudgins (2007)

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Dr. Jillian Hudgins

Dr. Jillian Hudgins received the O'Brien Fellowship in 2007 for her her work on the mineralogy, petrology and chronology of lunar granulitic breccias. She graduated with a PhD in geology in 2009 and published this work in Geochemica et Cosmochemica Acta, Meteoritics and Planetary Science, and American Mineralogist.
Life then led her to the Republic of Maldives, where she worked for 4 years on coral reef restoration and environmental education projects. She developed a country-wide citizen science-based Sea Turtle Photo-ID program and helped to organize the first ever Sea Turtle Photo-ID conference held in 2016. She also worked with the IUCN and Maldivian government to develop their sea turtle conservation plan and has co-authored a guidebook to the sea turtles of the Maldives.

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Dr Jillian Hudgins is currently the senior project scientist at the Olive Ridley Project, an UK-based environmental charity that she helped to co-found. The organization is focused on researching and preventing the interaction of discarded fishing gear with marine life in the Indian Ocean. She works with coastal fishing communities in developing countries around the Indian Ocean in order to improve their environmental education and empower them to develop recycling and reuse programs for their waste that could otherwise end up in the ocean. She also runs a citizen science program in the Maldives dedicated to rescuing and documenting entangled marine animals. She continues to publish scientific research associated with this work in journals such as the Marine Pollution Bulletin. Jillian lives in Fredericton.

Dr. Darryl Whetter (1999)


Dr. Darryl Whetter, BA, MA, PhD

Darryl is a writer, editor and a professor of English and creative writing.  In 2003, his first book of fiction was named to The Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Books of 2003.  That book, the story collection A Sharp Tooth in the Fur, received rave reviews from coast to coast.  His debut novel, a bicycle odyssey, rolled out in 2008.  Look for The Push & the Pull wherever fine books are sold.  On Earth Day 2012, he released Origins, a book of poems devoted to evolution, energy and extinction as they have been, can be and/or should be viewed at Joggins, Nova Scotia.  His new novel, Keeping Things Whole, is a tale of love, death and pot-smuggling.

He has published nearly 100 book reviews for papers such as The Toronto Star, The National Post, The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette and Detroit’s Metro Times.

Academically, He has published or presented papers on contemporary literature in France, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, India, Canada and the United States.

Here in Canada, he was the Green Party Candidate for the Nova Scotia riding of Halifax in the 2008 federal election.  He recently wrote the books column for THIS Magazine and was the Reviews Editor for the uber-cool Numéro Cinq.

Darryl has just been invited to direct the first MA programme in creative writing in Singapore.

“I remain grateful for the support you provided me during my UNB doctorate and admire the work you continue to do with other young researchers. Warm best,”

Dr. Darryl Whetter, BA, MA, PhD


Dr. Terrence Montague (1975)

montagueTerrence Montague, CM, CD, MD

Dr. Montague, a member of the Order of Canada, is a thought leader in patient-centered health networks, whose aim is to close care gaps and improve outcomes for the increasingly aged population with chronic diseases. A graduate in Science (Saint Francis Xavier University) and Medicine (Dalhousie University), his leadership experience includes: Vice-President, Merck Canada Ltd; Professor of Medicine and Director of Cardiology, University of Alberta; Professor of Medicine and Director-General of the Center for Research in Disease Management, University of Montreal. He is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel, Canadian Army, and a veteran of service in Canada and overseas.

A prolific author, Dr. Montague’s publications include many peer-reviewed manuscripts as well as health care books, including: “Patients First - Closing the Health Care Gap in Canada” and “Patient Health Management for Dummies”.  He is currently a principal in the health management consulting company, CareNet Corporation, and maintains several other professional roles, including: Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta; consultant to the Health Care in Canada Survey; member, Alpha Omega Alpha, the Honor Medical Society, the Editorial Boards of Healthcare Quarterly and Healthcare Papers, the Royal Canadian Regiment Association, the Royal Canadian Legion and the President's Club of Saint Francis Xavier University.

“I think the work of the O'Brien Foundation has been, and continues to be, a fantastic accomplishment for New Brunswick and Canada,” said Dr. Montague. “As one of the original recipients of the O'Brien Scholarship, I appreciate greatly the lasting impact it had on my career and family. I want to give back to this institution which has aided me, my children, and so many other New Brunswickers, to be the best they can be.”


Dr. Susan Blair (1996)

Dr Susan BlairAssociate Professor and Chair Anthropology

Dr. Susan Blair began her involvement in Anthropology at UNB as a Master of Arts student, later becoming a stipend instructor, then post-doctoral fellow. In July 2006, she became an Assistant Professor.

Dr. Blair began working in archaeology in New Brunswick in the late 1980s. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University in 1991. During her degree she began a working relationship with the New Brunswick Provincial Archaeological Services Unit. She conducted research on the pre-contact archaeology of the Grand Manan Archipelago, completing her Masters degree at UNB in 1997.

Following this project, she undertook the direction of the Jemseg Crossing archaeology project, the largest archaeological mitigation project ever conducted in eastern Canada. This project contributed significantly to her doctoral research at the University of Toronto, which examined fine-grained changes in settlement and technology in ancestral Wolastoqiyik sites of the Lower Saint John River. She has co-authored a volume on the archaeology of the Atlantic region, and published several volumes on the precontact archaeology of New Brunswick.

With the completion of her doctorate in 2004, Dr. Blair began a long-term collaboration with Metepenagiag Heritage Park to explore the archaeological heritage of Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation. She is currently engaged in a range of research projects that focus on pre-contact technology, including copper working, and stone tool, pottery and textile manufacturing. She is also engaged in exploring the processes involved in community-driven research and indigenous archaeology.

Dr. W. Barry Miller (1977)

Dr W Barry MillerO’Brien Foundation Executive Director
2009 - Present

Dr. W. Barry Miller has had an outstanding career in public school administration. Beginning as a classroom teacher, he has been a Curriculum and Research Specialist and Coordinator of Junior High School Education with the New Brunswick Department of Education.

He served as an Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Secretary of a Board of School Trustees and Superintendent of Schools.

For many years, Dr. Miller was Superintendent of Schools and Chief Executive Officer of the Fredericton area schools.

He is recognized internationally as an educational consultant, and has been widely acclaimed for his visionary leadership in educational administration.

He has provided educational consultative assistance to several provinces and in the United States to Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. He has authored numerous government documents and has been directly involved in provincial policy development and implementation.

He has been Dean and President of an online university and has developed a Masters of Education Program for another online university.  More recently, he has served as an Assistant Professor for St. Thomas University (Part Time).

He is Executive Director of the O’Brien Foundation

Dr. Miller has a Doctorate in Education from the University of Florida.  He also has a Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Education Degree from the University of New Brunswick.

Dr. Miller has proven himself as a distinguished educator, administrator, author, newspaper columnist, and public speaker.

Dr. Tammy L. Moore (2004)

unb law

Dr Tammy L Moore

Associate Dean and Senior Teaching Associate
Faculty of Law  University of New Brunswick

Tammy joined the Faculty of Law in 2006 after practicing family law in Saint John, New Brunswick for ten years. She teaches Professional Conduct, Trial Practice, Children’s Law, and Legal Research and Advocacy. She has also acted as Student Advisor to Law students this previous academic year.
Tammy holds a B.A., LL.B., M.A., PhD, and is a member of the Canadian Bar Association of New Brunswick and the Law Society of New Brunswick.

Tammy holds a master’s and a doctoral degree in history.  Her doctoral dissertation is titled, "Unhappy Differences:  English Deeds of Separation and Marital Breakdown, c.1650-1900".