Dr. Terrence Montague (1975)

montagueTerrence Montague, CM, CD, MD

Dr. Montague, a member of the Order of Canada, is a thought leader in patient-centered health networks, whose aim is to close care gaps and improve outcomes for the increasingly aged population with chronic diseases. A graduate in Science (Saint Francis Xavier University) and Medicine (Dalhousie University), his leadership experience includes: Vice-President, Merck Canada Ltd; Professor of Medicine and Director of Cardiology, University of Alberta; Professor of Medicine and Director-General of the Center for Research in Disease Management, University of Montreal. He is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel, Canadian Army, and a veteran of service in Canada and overseas.

A prolific author, Dr. Montague’s publications include many peer-reviewed manuscripts as well as health care books, including: “Patients First - Closing the Health Care Gap in Canada” and “Patient Health Management for Dummies”.  He is currently a principal in the health management consulting company, CareNet Corporation, and maintains several other professional roles, including: Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta; consultant to the Health Care in Canada Survey; member, Alpha Omega Alpha, the Honor Medical Society, the Editorial Boards of Healthcare Quarterly and Healthcare Papers, the Royal Canadian Regiment Association, the Royal Canadian Legion and the President's Club of Saint Francis Xavier University.

“I think the work of the O'Brien Foundation has been, and continues to be, a fantastic accomplishment for New Brunswick and Canada,” said Dr. Montague. “As one of the original recipients of the O'Brien Scholarship, I appreciate greatly the lasting impact it had on my career and family. I want to give back to this institution which has aided me, my children, and so many other New Brunswickers, to be the best they can be.”