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Tom Clair - Interactions between reactive nitrogen and the Canadian landscape: A budget approach

pdfInteractions between reactive nitrogen and the Canadian landscape: A budget approach

Dr. Shelley Doucet named Jarislowsky Chair in Interprofessional Patient-Centred Care

The University of New Brunswick is changing the way people look at health-care through the new Jarislowsky Chair in Interprofessional Patient-Centred Care. The chair, located at UNB Saint John, will be held by assistant professor Dr. Shelley Doucet (BN’05, PhD’10) of the faculty of science, applied science and engineering.


Dr. David Burns, Vice-President (Research); Mr. Michael Doyle, Governor, Sir James Dunn Foundation; Dr. Bruno Battistini, CEO, NBHRF; Dr. Shelley Doucet, Jarislowsky Chair in Interprofessional Patient-Centred Care; Dr. Roy Heenan, Director, The Jarislowsky Foundation; Dr. Robert MacKinnon, Vice-President Saint John

Dr. Doucet will lead an ongoing research initiative aimed at developing and evaluating new interprofessional community-based primary health-care models that are patient-centred. This growing field of study encourages collaboration among health and social care providers across multiple settings to improve patient care and better manage public health resources to sustain the delivery of health-care in the future.

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Dr. Kevin Englehart (1994)

Published in the Telegraph Journal on February 1, 2014

news-kevin-englehartDr. Englehart is a homegrown scholar, obtaining his Bachelor's and Master's degree in Electrical Engineering (1988 and 1991) and PhD in Biomedical Engineering (1998) at the University of New Brunswick. He is an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation and serves on several journal review committees. He is (or has been) a grant selection and appeal committee member at the National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the U.S National Institutes of Health, the Hong Kong Research Grants Council, and the Italian National Institute of Health. He is also involved in organizational review and international collaboration activities.

His areas of research are Rehabilitation and Care Services and Transmission and Processing of Biological Signals as applicable in biomedical aspects of human health. Specific research interests relate to biomedical signal processing, myoelectric signal analysis, prosthetic control, and assistive devices. Recently, he has worked to translate his research into clinical practice, delivering presentations to the Canadian Parliament, to the Canadian Embassy in Washington, and a TEDx talk at UNB (

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A Postmodern Memoir

H-ChiassonNew Brunswick Telegraph-Journal
Saturday January 18, 2014
Pages: S4 and S5
Section: S (Salon)
Byline: Mike Landry, Arts and Culture Editor

While many of his notoriety, accomplishment and age are compelled to pen memoirs,   Herménégilde Chiasson is up to something else entirely – a 600 page poetry project, two new exhibitions and a major curatorial undertaking examining the development of contemporary Acadian art.  Any of these alone would be a major undertaking, but for Chiasson it just makes for a January like no other.  And, taken together, these projects begin to form a singular autobiography.

His new poetry series Autoportrait, published by Editions Prise de parole, has been launched earlier this month.  The 12-part series was written in one year from 2002 to 2003.  Each part corresponds with one of the 12 letters in his name – Herménégilde.

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John Emms, 1843-1912

Paintings of The Sporting Life - February 8 - March, 15, 2014

The William Secord Gallery is pleased to present "John Emms; Paintings of the Sporting Life," the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of this artist's work.  Timed to coincide with the 138th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, this exhibition and sale includes over 50 paintings dating from 1865 to 1906. Emms was renowned for his paintings of Foxhounds, terriers, spaniels and other sporting breeds.  Also included are examples of his purebred dog portraits, commissioned by dog fanciers to immortalize their famous champions of the show bench.

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Dr. Tracy Clarke (1998)

Seeing Double: New System Makes the VLA "Two Telescopes in One"

12/11/2013 12:30 EST - 122-13r
National Radio Astronomy Observatory Press Release

news-21-01-2014aThe Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) will get a new system allowing it to continuously monitor the sky to study the Earth's ionosphere and detect short bursts of radio emission from astronomical objects. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) signed a $1 million contract under which NRL will fund a system to capture data from low-frequency radio receivers mounted on VLA antennas that will allow simultaneous and completely independent operation alongside the VLA's standard scientific observations.

"This essentially will turn the VLA into two telescopes, working in parallel to perform different types of scientific research simultaneously," said Dale Frail, NRAO's Director for New Mexico Operations.

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Dr. Sandra Byers, Former Board Member and Chair of the Selection Committee

Professor wins international award for sex research

dr-sandra-byersNew Brunswick Telegraph-Journal
Wed Nov 20 2013
Page: A1
Section: A
Byline: Chris Morris Legislature Bureau

FREDERICTON - After 35 years of teaching about and researching human sexuality, Sandra Byers has discovered one key fact: people find sex endlessly fascinating.

Byers, professor of psychology at the University of New Brunswick, has been awarded the 2013 Alfred C. Kinsey Award by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. She received the award at the society's annual meeting in San Diego, Calif.

Byers said the award is special because it recognizes her achievements throughout a long career. As well, she was the unanimous choice of the society - the number one sex research organization in the United States.

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Peter Pacey (1979)

Daily Gleaner - Thursday June 27, 2013

Photo by Ryan O’Toole
Crazy days: the Calithumpians will be presenting a daily show in officers Square. In the back row, from left, are: Peter Pacey, Will Pacey, ashley Goodine, Kevin belyea, Samm Phillips, annie Sherry, Matthew leblanc, Michael Sinclaire, Jack ball and Seger Dow. Kneeling in the front row, from left, are: Robbie lynn, Julia Kennedy, Kristen McFawn and Jill McCurdy.

Fredericton Outdoor Summer Theatre brings the city and our history to life from Canada Day through Labour Day


Theatre in the great outdoors has become a staple in Fredericton thanks to the talents of the Fencibles and the Calithumpians.

The two are part of Fredericton Outdoor Summer Theatre, the group that brings locals and tourists everything from Haunted Hikes and theatre in Officers Square to events at the Guard House and tours of the downtown.

“We’ve got a neat group of kids this year,” says Peter Pacey, the founder and producer of Fredericton Outdoor Summer Theatre. “They’re so multitalented.”

Each year, the Calithumpians perform a round of four shows in Officers Square. They can be found there daily between Canada Day and Labour Day, with shows at 12:15 p.m. weekdays and 2 p.m. on the weekends.

“What I do is I come up with the ideas for the show and give some kind of content or box for the kids to kind of work within, and then I work with them to think about the messages we want to have, then set them and their imaginations free,” says Pacey. “They write their own material with me as an editorial kind of person.” His role in the company is the producer and this year, his son, Will Pacey, is taking on the role of director.

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A New Book by Dr. Anne Compton (1986)

Fitzhenry & Whiteside | April 30, 2013 | Trade Paperback


A New Poem by Dr. Anne Compton (1986)

anne-compton2bMay 19th, 2013

Encore Literary Magazine is very proud to be hosting a reading tomorrow featuring Governor General’s Literary Award-winning poet, critic, editor and anthologist Anne Compton. On Monday May 20, 7pm at Kaza- Maza in Montreal, Anne will be joined by fellow poet, critic, editor, translator and anthologist Evan Jones. “Onion” is previously unpublished.


Weighs more than it looks: Should do, my father says, bent among
October rows. I’ve come the yellow corridors to be with him.

Like a star compacted by gravity – that dense.
Nebula of particles, fused and lit. Unus, its Latin name.

Best dug at first frost: Hard, though, to be rid of the soil specks
in the outer sheath. Iron flavour in the winter sandwich.

Graded by flesh colour and as to keeping – storage or straightaway.

The Vidalia, in pale-coloured skin, similar to all things fresh –
sweetest forthwith. Thick-skinned storage, a deeper flavour.

Decades gone, he could be starlight, could be what’s
encrypted in cells. My cells. Information’s never lost.

Heaven from earth, according to him. Readable parchment –
in layers – had we the cipher to decode it. Circle by circle.

At the root-end, there are tear-producing compounds,
where it gripped earth. This is true of all temporary things.

About this part, turn aside at the last.