Nova Scotia, New Brunswick Experts Meet to Plan Regional Area Network: “A new kind of country”

Fredericton, November 22, 2012 -- A meeting between networking leaders from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Sackville on November 28th will help decide on methods to interlink high-speed networks, within and between the provinces.

“We are envisioning a new national dream,” said Gary Stairs, President of Fredericton-based Stellar Learning Strategies and Vice President, i-CANADA. “Our region is leading the development of a new Canada - one suited to the 21st Century. We are going to sketch out a plan to create an equitable high-bandwidth regional community, bringing ultra-high-speed service to homes and businesses throughout the twin provinces.”

O’Brien Foundation Board Member Gary Stairs on the left receives
the Queen’s Jubilee Medal from Bill Hutchinson, Chair of  i-CANADA.

The meeting is a follow-through to an Executive TeleForum that was held in October. i-CANADA is a movement dedicated to the creation of an Intelligent Nation, where social and business organizations can thrive in a connected ecosystem.

“We are building on success,” noted Mr. Stairs. “The digital economy strategies followed by the province of New Brunswick, for example, have brought us new business and higher levels of economic growth and social activity. We are thrilled that the Governors Council of i-CANADA is Chaired by Premier David Alward - he is setting an example for everyone. Mayor Brad Woodside of Fredericton is also a nationally-recognized champion; he has taken the digital economy message across Canada! Our goal is to keep their momentum going, and make sure that we are all connected and engaged.”