The Leonard and Kathleen O’Brien Humanitarian Trust

Established in 1971, The Leonard and Kathleen O'Brien Humanitarian Trust provides postgraduate fellowships for deserving students who wish to pursue advanced study or research in any academic, artistic, or professional field at any recognized university or research establishment. The fellowships are administered by a Committee known as The O'Brien Foundation.

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The O'Brien Foundation Alumni Award of Distinction

The Alumni Award of Distinction is being introduced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the O’Brien Foundation.

Members of the O’Brien Foundation Alumni have impacted their professions and communities in significant ways at home and throughout the world.
The Alumni Award of Distinction is designed to recognize outstanding achievements of a member of the alumni.  This Award is the highest honour the O’Brien Foundation could bestow upon an alumnus.  It is presented to a member of the alumni who has achieved regional, national or international recognition for outstanding contributions.

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Alumni Attendees 2015

alumni 2015

Surrounding Lieutenant-Governor, Jocelyn Roy-Vienneau, seated are: L to R:
1st Row: Hilary Randall (2006); Albert Fraser (1976); David Ogilvie(1976);
Van Burdon (1976); Jill Watson ( 1992).
2nd Row: Thierry Arseneau (1994); Barry Miller(1977), Deborah Robichaud (1978);
Len Lanteigne (1983);, Wayne Barchard (1977)
3rd Row: David Themens (2014), Alex Fancy (1981); Phil Parker (1981)

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Alumni Attendees 2014

alumni 2014

Left to Right: Peter Pacey, Van Burdon, Deborah Robichaud, David Ogilvie, Trevor Bringloe, Thierry Arseneau, Phil Parker, Barry Miller, Jim Sexsmith, Baukje (Bo) Miedema

Alumni Attendees 2013

alumni 2013

Left to Right: Thierry Arsenault (1994); Lynn Goliquer (1999); Hilary Randall (2006); Deborah Robichaud (1978); Barret Kurylyk (2012); Wayne Goodfellow (1975); David Ogilvie (1976); Phil Parker (1981); Barry Miller (1977); Van Burdon (1976); Len Lanteigne (1883); Peter Pacey (1979)

Alumni Attendees 2012

alumni 2012

Front Row: Dr. Barbara Cull-Wilby (1985), His Honour LG Graydon Nicholas,
Dr. Jill Watson (1992)
Back Row: Deborah Robichaud (1978), Dr. Annick St-Amand (2005), Peter Pacey (1979), Marthe Haar (2011), Dr. Lynn Gouliquer (1999), Dr. Barry Miller (1977), Dr. David Ogilvie (1976), Rebecca Milne (2010), Van Burdon (1976),  Dr. Tracy Clark (1998), Dr. Allison Trites (1981), Dr. Albert Fraser (1976)

Alumni Attendees 2011

alumni 2011

From left to right: Van Burden, Dr. Phil Parker, Dr. Barbara Cull-Wilby, Dr. Jill Watson Graham, Dr. Barry Miller, Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas,
Dr. Daniel Bourgeois, Dr. Sarah McKim, Dr. Lynne Gouliquer, Dr. Albert Fraser